There's no limit to what you can achieve.
Self-confidence is the first secret of success.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Our mission

Playing small never did anyone any favors. Our team of coaches, with their wide range of profiles, can help you clarify your objectives, free up your blocks and move towards the professional life that inspires you.


We help you to find your own solutions and maximize your potential.


Cultivate your strengths! Build on your strengths to shape your professional life, go further and live a more balanced daily life.


True listening opens up new ways. You express yourself as you are.


Understanding who you really are is the shortest path to achieving your deepest aspirations.

The team



Kheir Beik




Le Saulnier


What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that provides an framework for reflection and creativity to help you make the most of your personal and professional potential.


Coaching, based on an ongoing relationship over a defined period of time, enables you to obtain concrete and measurable results in your professional and/or personal life. measurable results in your professional and/or personal life. personal life.


The coaching profession is governed by a code of ethics and a framework of core values: integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect.


Through the coaching process, you deepen your self-awareness and improve your performance.


A partnership oriented towards the positive and the emergence of your resources. A relationship focused on action and results.

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Our customers talk about us...

I was accompanied by Pauline for the creation and launch of my company. I particularly appreciated the way she helped me, allowing me to be in charge, but guided. Pauline is a good teacher and a good listener. Her questions are relevant and have made me aware of difficulties that I had not perceived. Thanks to our coaching sessions, my business has now taken off.

Pierre N.

An in-depth coaching thanks to Leïla's active listening and kindness. Brilliant and empathetic, Leïla, thanks to her powerful questioning, helped me to find answers and solutions to my various professional and personal issues. I highly recommend Leïla Kheir Beik, an excellent coach.

Marie S.

Bertrand has a great capacity for active listening; and it is in this
Bertrand has a great capacity for active listening; and it is thus, in this space of trust that he created, that I was able to find solutions for the management of my time/stress. I loved the autonomy he gave me in my journey. He is an outstanding coach.

Véronique N.

Pauline has been instrumental in turning my professional life around, with very positive repercussions on other aspects of my life. I recently re-read the goals I had set at the beginning of the coaching cycle and was able to proudly tick them all off. I have come a long way with a great co-pilot by my side. I hope you will share a part of the road with Pauline. If life leads you down unknown, steep and craggy paths, she will guide you and help you find your way

Anne V.

Coaching with Bertrand allowed me to see more clearly how I was functioning and to work on my limiting beliefs. I managed to structure myself better and set healthier and fairer limits for myself! Thank you for your listening, your questions, and your kindness.

Astrid R.

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